News Here you can find current info, event notes and other news.


Here you can find current info, event notes and other news.

Joint work with the Institute of Biochemical Engineering (TUM) published

"Enhancing the X-ray contrast of polymeric biochromatography particles for three-dimensional imaging"
Journal of Chromatography A

New Season's Greetings

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New open access publication on flotation in cooperation with BASF

Modeling the Separation of Microorganisms in Bioprocesses by Flotation

Interdisciplinary open-access publication on "opinion dynamics"

Population Balance Modeling and Opinion Dynamics - A Mutually Beneficial Liaison?
(DOI: 10.3390/pr6090164)

New publications on filtration

"Decreasing Filter Cake Resistance Using Packing Structures"
 (DOI: 10.1002/ceat.201800254)

"Increasing Wort Flow by Flocculation of Fine Particle Fractions"

 (DOI: 10.23763/BrSc18-09bandelt)

Oral presentations:
Stefan Schmideder, Christoph Kirse, Julia Hofinger, Sascha Rollié, and Heiko Briesen: "Modeling the separation of microorganisms in bioprocesses by flotation"

Michael Kuhn, Christoph Kirse, and Heiko Briesen: "Population balance modeling and opinion dynamics –a mutually beneficial liaison?"

Christoph Kirse and Heiko Briesen: "Fixed pivot technique for solving a  bivariate model of enzymatic depolymerization of branched starch"

Tijana Kovacevic and Heiko Briesen: "A new, area - preserving model of crystal growth and aggregation"

Stefan Schmideder, Tiaan Friedrich, Tijana Kovacevic, Lars Barthel, Philipp Kunz, Vera Meyer, Rudibert King and Heiko Briesen: "Growth of filamentous microorganisms: PBM and experimental determination of rate equations"